LaTour - Allen's Got A New Hi-Fi
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LaTour "Allen’s Got A New Hi-Fi" from s/t promo CD single.

When the video for LaTour’s first single “People Are Still Having Sex” arrived, it already felt pushed by the new Mainstream Industrial Dance Zeitgeist.  The single was terrible — aloof and confrontational to no result.

However, thanks to college radio and — in southern California to the arrival of MARS FM — the second single “Allen’s Got A New Hi-Fi” was much better suited for airplay and the clubs.

I disagree with the claims on LaTour’s author of its/his Wikipedia page that the former was a hit, and the second was a failure.  Neither are particularly remembered, but the former certainly wasn’t a hit, and never a one-hit wonder. But I still occasionally hear the latter on occasion, for good reason.

Sure, “Allen’s Got A New Hi-Fi” is New Beat/Nitzer Ebb Lite, but it’s a great song! The church organ in the middle gives the song a vital layer. The vocals are dumb but at least catchy.